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Yes, Acupuncture Can Help With That

Yes, Acupuncture Can Help With That

If you’re looking for a medication and side-effect-free way to improve your life, acupuncture may be just what you need. With ancient roots and plenty of modern medical evidence to support it, more and more people are exploring this treatment option. 

So, what can acupuncture do? Here at Integrated Pain Solutions in Stamford, Connecticut, Dr. Halina Snowball can help you find out if this treatment could help with whatever ails you. Whether you’re trying to relieve pain, address a specific condition, or improve your body’s functionality, it’s worth a conversation with Dr. Snowball. 

What acupuncture can treat

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) have explored acupuncture as a treatment for a wide range of conditions and found it effective for:

Other studies have found it can help menstrual cramps, tennis elbow, and addiction too. In other words, there are a lot of use cases for acupuncture. 

In many instances, acupuncture helps to alleviate symptoms like pain without the use of medication — and its potential side effects. Dr. Snowball can explore acupuncture with you, explaining what it could do for your specific condition. 

What to expect with acupuncture

If you’re not sure about acupuncture because you don’t like needles, rest easy. The needles Dr. Snowball uses are so tiny and only get inserted such a short distance that most patients report they don’t feel any pain. At most, you might experience a quick pinch. 

Dr. Snowball tailors the location of the acupuncture needles to your specific needs. Once she positions them, she may have you spend some time with the needles in place. Most patients report this is a surprisingly relaxing experience.

There’s no downtime after acupuncture, and many people feel better right away. At most, the side effects you might experience are extremely minor bleeding, bruising, or soreness at the needle insertion site. This generally fades in a day. 

Dr. Snowball and our team are committed to your comfort. We tell you what to expect with the acupuncture treatment Dr. Snowball recommends. And we’re here to answer any questions and address your concerns before we get started. 

If you’d like to see if acupuncture could be right for you, call our office at 203-293-0549 or request an appointment online today.

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