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"I’ve played golf at a competitive level all my life. This eventually took its toll on some of my joints and specifically my right knee, which I had replaced in 2012. While the surgery corrected the orthopedic issue, I have continued to rehab and strengthen the various related muscles. Recently consulting with Dr. Snowball, as I have over the past 15 years, she suggested a new, state-of-the-art treatment called EPAT. It was developed in Europe and is used by many professional sports teams in the U.S. This 10- minute procedure, done 3 times in Dr. Snowball’s office, brought immediate comfort. Different types of rehab are an ongoing endeavor, but EPAT is certainly a wonderful addition to my protocol. Dr. Snowball understands the sources of pain and always has the right, non-surgical solution. She has consistently helped me these 15 years."




"My story began over 15 years ago when I felt that dreaded “pop” in my lower back. Herniated disc. I wanted to pursue less invasive options of healing. That’s when I first heard the name of Dr. Halina Snowball. She made quite an impression! She patiently and optimistically explained all of my options, none of which involved surgery. The end result was a prescription for physical therapy that removed my pain and enabled me to get on with my life. After I suffered a painful recurrence last year while shoveling snow, I thought it was time to see the best again: Dr. Snowball. She provided the perfect PT recommendation for my condition which included aggressive massage, targeted exercises and a specially designed program of lifting weights. Simultaneously, Dr. Snowball administered trigger-point injections and carefully selected prescriptions to manage the pain and the PT. The end result? I am back upright and on the paddle and tennis courts! Dr. Snowball also suggested an ongoing program of therapeutic massage just to reinforce the healing and ensure proper spinal alignment. This is conveniently administered in her office by two excellent massage therapists. Worth every penny. Bottom line: With so much at stake, why take a chance on who you see? Choose someone with a proven track record of excellence and a documented record of getting results, even when challenged by those allegedly hopeless cases. Thanks Dr. Snowball!""




"I am a 47 year old woman who has suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for over 3 years. I am an active person and an avid runner. My condition became so severe that I had to stop running altogether for a year. Through traditional methods of treatment such as physical therapy, stretching, icing, taking anti-inflammatory medicine, and wearing orthotics, I was able to resume my activities on a limited basis. It was, however, a daily ordeal. I could only wear certain shoes and had to avoid doing particular exercises. I would pay heavily for a night of dancing! I also had to temper my running by limiting my miles and outings. I read about EPAT treatments and found that Dr. Snowball was offering them (it’s a new technique and she is the only doctor in the area that I found). After just three simple EPAT treatments, my pain was gone. I am able to run consecutive days in a row for the first time in years!! I can also wear non-orthotic shoes and can even walk barefoot. These treatments have really changed my life. I can maintain my active lifestyle without pain. I highly recommend doing this non-invasive treatment. It was the ONLY treatment that took my healing to the next level."





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