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What's Involved in Physical Therapy?

What's Involved in Physical Therapy?

Whether you need physical therapy after an injury, surgery, or other incident, or you’re choosing it to help with chronic pain, you’re probably wondering what to expect. Your prescribed physical therapy schedule might feel burdensome, and you could be wondering if it will actually drive results. 

That’s why Dr. Halina Snowball and our team at Integrated Pain Solutions prioritize physical therapy that gives your body what it needs to heal and help you feel your best. At our office in Stamford, Connecticut, we work with you to tailor a physical therapy program that will help move you toward your unique goals.

What should you expect with our physical therapy program? Let’s take a look.

The basics of physical therapy

With physical therapy, you and Dr. Snowball can work together to remodel your muscle fibers and keep your soft tissue flexible. This can be helpful if you’re dealing with an injured joint or muscle group, or if you live with chronic pain. Physical therapy can help with arthritis pain, for example. 

During physical therapy, you and Dr. Snowball move through specific stretches and exercises. These are designed to target specific parts of your body with the care they need. Stretches can improve mobility and flexibility, for example, while specific exercises can improve strength in key muscles that support your injured or painful area. 

Throughout your personalized physical therapy routine, Dr. Snowball ensures you’re moving any damaged tissue in a way that’s safe and healing-supporting. Her goal is always to help you move toward a healthy, mobile life, so she prioritizes avoiding reinjury. 

In fact, physical therapy also delivers effective preventive care. Without it, your tissue can shorten and weaken, leaving your body without the support it needs. This can leave you imbalanced and injury-prone. 

Your physical therapy routine

Physical therapy with Dr. Snowball and our team usually has two components: work you do on-site with us, and work you do at home. Both pieces are equally important. Your at-home exercises help your body develop the muscle fibers necessary for you to lead a comfortable, mobile life. 

At our office, Dr. Snowball may employ a variety of therapeutic techniques beyond exercises and stretches, including:

In other words, she customizes her care — and your at-home routine — based on what your specific body wants and needs. Her goal is to help you feel your best.

For personalized, results-oriented physical therapy, don’t hesitate to call our office at 203-293-0549 or request an appointment online today.

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