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Understanding the Healing Power of Acupuncture

Understanding the Healing Power of Acupuncture

For thousands of years — since at least 2500 BCE — certain medical practitioners have been using one treatment modality to help their patients heal and find relief from their symptoms. It doesn’t involve medication, it doesn’t require incisions, and its side effects are minimal. 

So, what is this ancient healing technique? Acupuncture. 

As scientific research evolves, we’re learning more and more about how acupuncture works. And it’s proving what many acupuncturists have long known: This treatment can be effective for a wide range of health conditions. 

Dr. Halina Snowball is one of these acupuncturists. At Integrated Pain Solutions in Stamford, Connecticut, Dr. Snowball can help you explore acupuncture, determining if it’s right for your condition and health goals. And if it is, she administers the acupuncture treatment from the comfort and convenience of our office. 

If Dr. Snowball does recommend acupuncture for you, you might be wondering how it works. We can help you get a grasp on its healing power. 

Understanding acupuncture

During acupuncture, Dr. Snowball inserts tiny sterile needles into strategic locations on your body. The needles are so small and thin that the most you should feel is a tiny pinch at insertion. 

Once inserted, the needle stimulates the acupuncture point. Because these points connect to your central nervous system, that stimulation encourages your body to release certain chemicals. The acupuncture points that Dr. Snowball chooses to target determine the biochemical changes that occur. This allows her to tailor your treatment to your condition and symptoms. 

That might still sound relatively vague, so we’ll give you an example of what acupuncture can do. 

A recent study looked at a specific acupuncture use case: cytokine storms. Cytokines are small proteins that tell your immune system to get to work. But when your body releases too many of them — the cytokine storm — it can trigger serious inflammation. 

Acupuncture may help to reduce the storm, limiting your body’s inflammatory response to things like COVID-19 or cancer treatment. 

Even in 2024, researchers still don’t have complete clarity about how acupuncture works. As we learn more, though, findings illuminate what many acupuncturists already see in their daily practices. This treatment option brings many people relief without the need for invasive treatment or side-effect-causing medication. 

What acupuncture can do?

Talk with Dr. Snowball about your specific symptoms so she can help you determine if acupuncture could help you. People often see improvement when this treatment is applied to the following conditions:

Clearly, acupuncture has a wide variety of use cases. And because it doesn’t require any medication, many people prefer it over something that could bring side effects into their lives. 

If you’re curious about acupuncture or want to see if it could help with your specific health condition, don’t hesitate to call our office at 203-293-0549 or request an appointment online today.

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