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How Epidural Injections Can Treat Your Neck Pain

How Epidural Injections Can Treat Your Neck Pain

When you think about an epidural, you probably imagine the injection applied at the base of your spine, say, during childbirth. But that’s not the only type of epidural injection. In fact, if you’re living with neck pain, a different type could be the ideal solution to ease your discomfort. 

That’s why Dr. Halina Snowball offers epidural injections as part of her neck pain treatment arsenal. At Integrated Pain Solutions in Stamford, Connecticut, Dr. Snowball explores options with you for easing your discomfort. 

If your pain hasn’t responded to more conservative treatment options like massage or physical therapy, she can offer these injections to deliver relief. 

Cervical epidural steroid injections 101

With this type of epidural, Dr. Snowball applies the injection to your upper spine (that is, your cervical spine). It’s called an epidural because she places the injection in your epidural space, a specific portion of your spine

By directly applying a steroid there, Dr.Snowball can alleviate swelling in the area. This eases pressure on your nerves, helping to soothe your associated pain. As a result, these injections can help with neck pain that stems from conditions like:

Cervical epidural injections are most effective for cervical radiculopathy, neck pain that radiates down your shoulders, often into your arms and hands. If that sounds familiar, these injections may be right for you.

You don’t necessarily need to know which condition you have to find out if these epidural injections are right for you. That said, you don’t have to blindly try treatments. Dr. Snowball has a variety of diagnostic tools she can use to identify what’s causing your neck pain. This way, she can recommend the best option(s) for you.

What to expect with epidural injections

Somewhere between 40% and 84% of people who get cervical epidural steroid injections experience relief. The entire treatment usually takes about 15 minutes. 

By easing your inflammation, these injections can give you fast-acting relief. Most people experience notably less pain within a few days. 

It’s important to know, though, that the steroid will wear off. Some people get relief for a few weeks while others see their discomfort fade for months. 

To help prevent your pain from coming back, Dr. Snowball works with you to develop a plan to improve your neck health. With options like yoga and physical therapy, many people can rehabilitate their neck to the point that the swelling doesn’t return — meaning the pain doesn’t come back either. 

Ultimately, epidural injections are just one option Dr. Snowball offers for treating your neck pain. To develop a comprehensive plan that helps to drive long-term relief, don’t hesitate to call our office at 203-293-0549 or request an appointment online today.

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