Trigger Point Injections

The cause of your muscle pain or spams may be one or more trigger points (a painful knot of muscle fiber).


What Is A Trigger Point?

A trigger point is a tight, painful “knot” of muscle fiber. It can form where a muscle is strained or injured. The knot can sometimes be felt under the skin. Pain may also spread to other parts of the affected muscle.

How Do The Trigger Point Injections Work?

Dr. Snowball will inject the painful areas to relax the muscle. Relaxing the muscle will relieve the pain and increase your mobility. Any muscle can have one or more trigger points. Several injections may be needed in each trigger point to ease pain.

How Is The Treatment Performed And Will It Hurt?

Dr. Snowball will feel and stretch the muscle to find the exact trigger point. Once it is found, the skin is cleaned and then injected. You will feel a tiny pinch from the needle. The injection contains a local anesthetic, which numbs the area.

What Should I Expect Post Treatment?

There may be soreness at the injection sites for a day or so. You can apply ice or heat to the affected area as needed for comfort.

What Are The Risks?

Complications from trigger point injections are very rare, but may include, infection, bleeding, nerve damage and lung puncture.

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