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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Acupuncture?
How Is The Treatment Performed?
What Are The Risks Of Acupuncture?
What Is Botox® And How Does It Work?
How Often Will I Need Treatments?
How Long Does The Treatment Take?
Does It Hurt?
Will My Insurance Cover My Botox® Treatments?
What Is Compounding?
What Is EPAT?
What Disorders Can Be Treated?
What Are The Expected Results?
How Is The Treatment Performed?
Is it safe?
What Is The Duration Of The Treatment And How Many Treatments Will I Need?
What If I Have A Special Health Condition?
Why Consider Non-Invasive EPAT®?
What Is PRP Therapy And How Does It Work?
Is PRP Right For Me?
How Is The Treatment Performed?
What Should I Expect Post-Treatment?
Is PRP Therapy Safe?
Are All PRP Concentrating Devices And PRP Treatments Created Equally?
What Is Stem Cell Therapy?
How Is The Treatment Performed?
Where Is The Procedure Performed?
When Can I Expect To Feel Better?
What Is The Recovery Like After A Stem Cell Procedure?
Is There Anything I Should Avoid Post Treatment?
Will My Body Reject The Stem Cells?
What is a Trigger Point Injection?
How Do The Trigger Point Injections Work?
How Is The Treatment Performed And Will It Hurt?
What Should I Expect Post Treatment?
What Are The Risks?
What is Visco-Supplement Therapy?
How Do Visco-Supplements Work?
How Will I Feel After An Injection?
What Can I Do To Help Minimize Discomfort?
How Many Injections Will I Need?
Will My Insurance Cover The Cost Of The Injections?

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