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“My in going assumption was that all doctors who preach pain management are wacky. But after a heart surgery, I found myself unable to walk on my right side – related or not I don’t know. My right leg was very painful and I was very much favoring my left side. I really couldn’t walk. I was in need of help. My wife and friend had seen Dr. Snowball and recommended her. She diagnosed that my knees had lost a lot of the cushion in them – they were bone on bone. She recommended a simple procedure of a cortisone shot and some shots called Euflexxa. I was still skeptical but I was desperate so I went along. Almost immediately I felt relief. Within a few weeks, I was walking normally again.

I have friends who had similar issues and have opted for knee replacements. All I can say is that in the summer time when we are working on our boats, I’m the one who helps them up off the dock.”

– Chris

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