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“I am a 47 year old woman who has suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for over 3 years. I am an active person and an avid runner. My condition became so severe that I had to stop running altogether for a year. Through traditional methods of treatment such as physical therapy, stretching, icing, taking anti-inflammatory medicine, and wearing orthotics, I was able to resume my activities on a limited basis. It was, however, a daily ordeal. I could only wear certain shoes and had to avoid doing particular exercises. I would pay heavily for a night of dancing! I also had to temper my running by limiting my miles and outings. I read about EPAT treatments and found that Dr. Snowball was offering them (it’s a new technique and she is the only doctor in the area that I found). After just three simple EPAT treatments, my pain was gone. I am able to run consecutive days in a row for the first time in years!! I can also wear non-orthotic shoes and can even walk barefoot. These treatments have really changed my life. I can maintain my active lifestyle without pain. I highly recommend doing this non-invasive treatment. It was the ONLY treatment that took my healing to the next level.”

– Andrea

“I’ve played golf at a competitive level all my life. This eventually took its toll on some of my joints and specifically my right knee, which I had replaced in 2012. While the surgery corrected the orthopedic issue, I have continued to rehab and strengthen the various related muscles. Recently consulting with Dr. Snowball, as I have over the past 15 years, she suggested a new, state-of-the-art treatment called EPAT. It was developed in Europe and is used by many professional sports teams in the U.S. This 10- minute procedure, done 3 times in Dr. Snowball’s office, brought immediate comfort. Different types of rehab are an ongoing endeavor, but EPAT is certainly a wonderful addition to my protocol. Dr. Snowball understands the sources of pain and always has the right, non-surgical solution. She has consistently helped me these 15 years.”

– Sam

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