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We treat pain and mobility issues in the whole body – joints, muscles and nerves. By understanding the fundamental medical properties that involve the connectivity of muscles, joints and the skeleton we are able to effectively diagnosis and heal your pain and mobility issues.

Below are two case studies that represent our philosophic approach and the results that are possible.

EmmaEmma spent long hours on her computer at work. Poor ergonomic positioning caused muscle fatigue and spasm in her neck, which radiated to the shoulders. Her weekend tennis game only aggravated this condition and resulted in a Repetitive Overuse Injury (ROI), which now included tendonitis in her shoulder and elbow. The pain was interfering with her work, and she stopped playing tennis. Our first approach was to loosen and relax her muscles. Trigger point injections administered into Emma’s neck and shoulder muscles followed by cortisone injections into her elbow and shoulder joint relieved her inflammation and pain. Emma was able to make ergonomic changes to her work environment with help from a study of the Alexander Techniques, and she made a commitment to yoga, which have together helped to improve Emma’s quality of life. Her tennis game and forehand are as feared as ever!

David is an avid biker and skier – both of which factored into his pain issues. A torn ACL from skiing and subsequent Davidsurgery left him with a weakened knee. Years of cycling following the surgery caused his thigh muscles and IT bands to overcompensate and protect this knee. The tightening of these muscles caused pain in his legs and pulled down on his back causing back pain. Seeking to avoid surgery, he came to Dr. Snowball. Through an understanding of the interconnectivity of the body, they embarked on a plan that essentially reversed the process that initially caused his pain. Dr. Snowball started with Euflexxa Injections in the knee to help rebuild it. She then administered trigger point injections in the back and hips to relax the muscles. Injections combined with deep tissue massage allowed the over stressed muscles to relax and strengthen. Then David embarked on a regimen of stretching through yoga to prevent overuse of any one muscle group and to improve core strength. As a result, David has alleviated his symptoms without the need for surgery.

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