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In the area of medicine that deals with pain and decreased mobility caused by joint, muscle or nerve issues, traditional solutions usually involve “transactional” processes – specific procedures on one part of the body. These procedures are often invasive and focused on short-term solutions. The body however, is an integrated machine. As such we look to a broad spectrum of solutions to treat pain and mobility issues – relying on beneficial solutions offered by traditional medicine (injections, PRP, EPAT) as well as nontraditional medicine (massage therapy, yoga and acupuncture). This approach allows us to treat the root causes of pain and not just the symptoms and addresses all affected areas of the body, not just the most prominent. Our treatments help the body work on healing itself. With this approach, we look to solve pain and mobility issues without surgery. While the notion of an integrated approach is not new – it is rarely practiced in the medical world. Using this integrated approach, Dr Snowball has seen dramatic results in freeing patients from pain, increasing their mobility and affording them better long term health and quality of life.

Who/What We Treat

We treat pain and mobility issues in the joints, muscles and nerves. Specifically, we treat neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain (golf/tennis anyone?), back pain, wrist and hand pain, leg/knee/ankle and foot pain (plantar fasciitis), and even migraines and TMJ. The range of ailments we treat is large, but fundamental medical properties that involve the connectivity between muscles, joints and the skeleton are similar across the body and enable us to address many diverse issues.

What It Means For You

In a word – mobility. By eliminating your pain, you can start to do the things you need and love to do. Restrictive pains due to an injury or declining mobility as you age are not facts you need to live with. Through an integrated approach to solving your problems, you can become free of your pain so you can regain your motion and get back to the things you love – without surgery. This integrated approach to solving your issue is the foundation for establishing effective lifestyle habits to prevent pain from reoccurring and to keep you on the go.

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